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Monday, June 28, 2010


When you order a prawn-based Asian dish, how many of the suckers do you expect it to contain? (I'm talking about king prawns here, not the widgy ones.) I was discussing this with BC today and we agreed that six was par. That if there were eight or above, it was welcome to bonus stage. And if there were four or less, you were justified in having a spit. What say the shrimpovores among you? I recall a farewell at which a bloke got a mushroom pasta and angrily sent it back after establishing there wasn't a single mushie. I bet the chef felt pretty stupid.

DVD for ya delectation: "Pandorum" (2009), a very satisfactory sci-fi thriller that has plotty stuff in common with "Moon", "The Descent", "Event Horizon", "Armageddon" and "Firefly"/"Serenity". It also features rootin'-tootin' Teuton* Antje Trauer and the savage Sanshou beats of Cung Le. Thanks to my boss for the lend of the preview disc.

*Phrase purloined from CS.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Circadian rhythm and blues

Time to break out of the carefree 2am-10am sleep schedule of a man rendered briefly unemployed whilst a World Cup is taking place in the opposite hemisphere.

Time to force myself into the diligent 10pm-6am sleep schedule of a man with a brand-new job that requires him to catch a bus AND a train to the office by 9am.

The Great Vuvuzela Bonfire

When CM, AM and I rocked up to the opening ceremony of the Supanova Pop-Culture Expo on Friday, we were surprised that they checked our tickets and didn't return them. "These are your passes now," explained a doorman clutching a sheaf of fluorescent yellow wristbands marked "void if removed". "But we won't be back until Sunday," I protested. "That's OK," he replied, "just leave 'em on. I once wore one for a week." Putting aside the dorkiness of sporting a fluoro Supanova bracelet for an entire weekend, we had our doubts that the things wouldn't come unglued. But door dude knew what he was talking about - two showers and countless germophobic hand-washings later, mine remains securely fixed to my weedy wrist. Thankfully, this being winter, it can sit there inconspicuously under a long sleeve.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Let there be pictures

Monday, June 14, 2010

Go, "Diablo", go!

Despite being aware of it since '96 and receiving 3000 recommendations to play the damn thing (1500 of them from the fanatical MB), I'd never laid a mouse pointer on Blizzard Entertainment's famous action RPG "Diablo" until this afternoon.

Electronics Boutique had the "Battle Chest" - comprising the game, its sequel, plus an expansion module and guidebook for part two - as a manager's special for $35, and yours in unfashionable ultra-lateness caved in to curiosity.

It installed in a jiffy and the next thing I knew, night had fallen and my eyes and stomach were starting to complain. I reluctantly saved and quit, my rogue Dora (the dungeon explorer) having attained level 13 and some kick-arse kit.

After slaying a monster that was butchering villagers "Hellraiser" style, smiting the fiends responsible for poisoning the water supply and, er, finding the missing tavern sign, she's currently on a quest for a legendary suit of armour.

"Diablo" reminds me fondly of Microillusions' admittedly much simpler "The Faery Tale Adventure" (1987), which BP and I conquered together on the Amiga in the period when I was meant to be studying for my HSC exams.

I don't regret a stolen minute of that - nor am I sorry I purchased this collection, which is already as comfortable as an old pair of ughs. Now, if you'll excuse me, Dora is six floors deep in the neighbourhood crypt, with an itchy bow finger.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Combing for content

Dutch MMA fighter Gilbert Yvel supposedly has a tattoo that reads: "Real men don't eat honey, they chew bees." I got a buzz out of that when it was mentioned during "UFC #115", so I'm passing it on to the hive.


From the news item "If a crow doesn't trust you, it won't forget your face" in the January 30 issue of Australian "New Scientist" (page 14):

"...John Marzluff at the University Of Washington in Seattle and colleagues donned a rubber caveman mask and then captured and ringed ... wild American Crows.

"If the crows were later approached by someone wearing the same mask, they loudly scolded the intruder. Yet the birds ignored the same person if they were wearing a [different] mask...

"The crows' antipathy to the caveman mask has lasted more than three years, even though they had no further bad experiences with people wearing it."

Quoted without permission, but I recommend tracking down the ish for yourself. There's also a beaut article on using Phobos as a stepping stone to Mars.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Yakitate!! Randwick

While far from incredible, my bread was quite edible. It looked the part and temporarily filled the kitchen with a wonderful aroma. No problem with texture, either - it was cooked through. The loaf's only flaw was a sizeable air pocket inside. Will have to consult the troubleshooting guide on how to prevent that.

Le pain quotidien

I'd always wanted to try out a bread-making machine and the Sunbeam Bakehouse was $30 off at Myer, so...

Before I could produce my first loaf, a visit to the supermarket was in order as my bachelor's pantry and fridge contain a fine selection of condiments and beverages, a few snacks and very little else.

Consulting the instruction manual, I decided to begin with the easiest option - white breadmix, yeast and water. However, while I was at Food For Less, I also stocked up on materiel for the more "advanced" recipes (butter, cooking salt, skim milk powder, sugar, etc.), as well as measuring cups, measuring spoons and even an electronic scale.

I unpacked the unit, cleaned the pan, added the ingredients and set it going - noisily - about an hour ago, which means I should have a fresh-from-the-oven loaf for lunch. Will let youse know how it tastes.

My goal is to bake my way up to beer'n'bacon bread within the next couple of months :-)

- Mr Bun

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Since 2006


[Rank - name (colours) - matches/games]

1st - "Invading Spawn" (B/R) - 4/11
2nd - "Levelers' Glory" (U/W) - 3/7
3rd - "Totem Power" (G/W) - 2/5
4th - "Eldrazi Arisen" (G/R) - 1/5
5th - "Levelers' Scorn" (B/U) - 0/2

I'm not sold on levelling-up creatures or the massive Eldrazi, both of which are a waste of time and mana/spawn tokens if your opponent has a removal spell handy.

Friday, June 04, 2010

+1 to age

Am hoping none of my coworkers cotton on as I can't stand fuss. Cake I'll accept :-)

Mum sent a cute card, and I've treated myself to a seat at the bullriding on Saturday night.

Am having low-key drinks with mates on Sunday arvo, but that's also for CM's birthday.

Should have applied for annual leave today. Practically ancient and still fug-all foresight :-)