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Friday, April 10, 2009

The Anti-Life Equation

Full house for "Adventureland" at Roadshow. Excellent teen rom-com. Like "Nick And Norah's Infinite Playlist" but better, with Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg equalling Kat Dennings and Michael Cera in the charm stakes and outdoing them in believability (earthiness?). It made me wanna get a job at a crappy theme park where the rides are faulty and the games are fixed, goof around with my fellow employees to relieve the boredom, drink cheap booze, smoke weed and party like they did in 1987. Or maybe it just made me wanna be young again :-)

Watching: "Watchmen - Tales Of The Black Freighter" (2009). A pressie from our DVD dude, CS. "Includes Hollis Mason's tell-all 'Under The Hood'." Out of context and uninterrupted, the impact of the pirate yarn is somehow reduced.

Also watching: The IFOCE's "Eats Of Strength". Definitely a case of tongue - and surfeit of victuals - in cheek.

Reading: "Giantslayer" (2003) by William King. The seventh Gotrek and Felix novel. Given my gnat-like attention span, I'm kinda surprised I've stuck with the Fafhrd/Gray Mouser-type duo this far.

Revisiting: The 1995 single "Teenage Loser Anthem" by The Dambuilders. I fear Barnes Wallis would not approve.


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