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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Very warm beer

Cave Creek Chili Beer - a new American import - contains only a hint of chilli to which you soon grow accustomed. I'm lying. It's lip-tinglingly hot from tentative first sip to somewhat relieved final gulp. There's a whole seranno chilli floating in every bottle and, through alcoholic alchemy, all of its fire is absorbed by the liquid. Legend (ie. the carton) has it the drink was invented when Arizona brewer "Crazy" Ed Chilleen got jack of customers asking for lah-di-dah slices of lime. He began using serranos instead, but the joke was on Ed 'cos a number of patrons took a liking to the spicy combo. By the end of my first bottle (which went well with a jumbo plate of nachos), I was ready for a second - and that was sufficient. The chilli had overpowered my feeble tastebuds and it was time to switch to regular beer. Your tolerance level may vary. Would I drink CCCB again on my lonesome? Doubtful. Would I bust out a sixpack to provide boozy thrills for mates at a barbie, poker night or bucks' party? Absolutely!


At 10:06 PM, Blogger Matt said...

sounds good - I might just have to go and grab a few!

At 5:07 PM, Blogger Addster said...

I'm not sure how widely available it is yet; only lists two Sydney stockists. If your local bottlo can't order some, try e-mailing


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