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Friday, April 25, 2008

"'Tide" and tested

In my correct opinion, the four theme decks for the "Magic: The Gathering" collectible card game expansion "Morningtide" are the most evenly matched yet. Hours spent hunched over the coffee table, drinking Boag's Draught and eating beer nuts with a spoon (so as not to get the cards greasy :-)), conducting a solo round-robin tournament, produced the following results:

[Deck name/type/creature focus/matches won/games won/rank]

"Battalion"/UW weenie evasion/Kithkin + Soldiers/2/5/2nd
"Going Rogue"/BU weenies + discard + card drawing/Faeries + Rogues/0/3/4th
"Shamanism"/BGw tough critters + life gain/Treefolk + Shamen/2/4/3rd
"Warrior's Code"/GR big, fast creatures/Warriors/2/6/1st

Mixed media:

* "Doctor Who: The Game" (2005) by Darin Henry. Big Finish audiobook #66, featuring the Fifth Doc and Nyssa (I myssa!) on a world devoted to a deathsport.
* "Fear Of A Blank Planet" (2007) - Porcupine Tree. Near-indescribable. Critics have labelled them "the new Pink Floyd", but that may be selling PT short. Seriously.
* "Faker" (2007-08). Vertigo graphic novel written by Mike Carey and drawn by Jock. US college housemates confront an existential dilemma. Too soon to tell...

Colourful past:

For their annual ANZAC Day rugby league clash with the Dragons, the Roosters wore predominantly sky blue jerseys (instead of navy), just as they'd done during WW2 when there was a shortage of the darker dye. It looked weird (and they got deservedly flogged), but I applaud the historical reference.


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