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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ups and downs

Thurs: Stayed late at the office to conduct (then transcribe) a phoner with up-and-coming UK glamour model Emma Frain. Nice girl. My unjustified reward to myself was a rendezvous with Yama, where the beef yakiudon was deceptive quantity and big flavour down to the last chop of the sticks.

Fri: "No Life Til Leather" - an '80s metal night named after a Metallica demo tape - with SC, LA, etc. at Hermann's Bar, USyd. Too much inebriated idiocy on my part to relate, eg. entering a power metal scream comp, then doing a less-impressive-than-I'd-hoped death metal growl into the mic instead.

Sat: Waratahs versus Lions with PB, at the SFS, in the pouring rain. Don't worry, Mum, I was wearing a disposable hooded raincoat :-) The first half was scoreless; in the second, we outpointed the Jo'burg team 26-3. Healed my hangover with lemonade and ketchup'n'mustard-smothered hotdogs.

Sun: Awoke literally paralysed with fear and unable to vocalise anything but a pathetic moan. Lord knows what I'd been nightmaring about. It took me minutes to regain control over my limbs. Eventually, twisting my neck left and right slightly seemed to loosen the rest of my muscles. A childhood flashback.

Brainbox pollution:

* "The Rules Of Modern Policing - 1973 Edition" (2007) by DCI Gene Hunt. Humorous manual attributed to the "Life On Mars" character. Fake ageing, wear and biro additions by DC Chris Skelton.
* "Neither Washington...Nor Moscow" (1986) by The Redskins. Political soul-pop whose time has gone, but which I find curiously appealing.
* "Life After People" (2008). 90-min. doco about this planet without us. Screens 19/05 on The History Channel. DL gave me a preview DVD.

Hard name to live up to:

Napoleon Einstein (a cricketer in the Indian Premier League)


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