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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rice and vice

Today is my final half a day at periodical "P.", along with being the company's Crimbo do - banquet(?) lunch at a classy Chinese restaurant, followed by an all-expenses paid trip to the nudie bar. I'll need to take it very cheddar-cheesy since I already punched the balls off my immune system on Tuesday by drinking eleventy beers with buds. Can't afford to be crook for the holidays with the clan gathering we have organised, not to mention the indefatigable RS visiting from Seppoland. OK, off to personalise some cute seasonal cards and sticky-tape "Made For Life" scratchies inside 'em...

W: "The Hittites" (2004), "Family Guy: It's A Trap!" (2010), "Solomon Kane" (2009). Ta for #3, SR.


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