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Friday, January 07, 2011

Shush, Penfold!

Congratulations to the Poms on a well-deserved Ashes series victory, having outplayed us in four out of five Tests. Congrats also to your host for topping a minuscule fantasy league through a combination of guesswork, luck and false modesty.

L: "Doctor Who: Hornets' Nest - A Sting In The Tale" and "Hive Of Horror" (both 2009) by Paul Magrs, "Tarot Sport" (2009) by Fuck Buttons, "D/W - Rise And Fall" (2010?) by George Mann, and the unabridged audio version of Thomas Pynchon's "Inherent Vice" (2009) - one disc down, 11 to go!
R: CM's excellent new ukulele periodical "Kamuke" (January 2011), "Wizard #232", "Doctor Who Magazine #427", "The Walking Dead #1" (2010 reprint) by Kirkman/Moore, "20th Century Boys #12" (2003, translation 2010) by Urasawa, "The Unwritten Vol. 2 - Inside Man" (2010) by Carey/Gross, "Vortex #22", and "Rolling Stone" (February 2011) for the previously unpublished John Lennon interview.
W: Cricket and dodgy documentaries, eg. "Hitler And The Occult" and "Vampires Of Venice".


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