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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Good gains


"Future Sight", the latest strategy-sparkin' expansion for Magic: The Gathering went on sale planet-wide, and I was desperate to get my mitts on the cards. But due to a luncheon appointment at the public house, I didn't have the opportunity to do so until after work.

When I finally called it a week, the local M:TG vendor - Games Paradise - was well and truly closed. I was considering a rail ride to the Sydney Games Centre at Burwood (which I knew would still be open), when I realised there was a shop in nearby Ultimo where I might score my coloured cardboard fix. I gave 'em a call.

"Good Games, Scott speaking."
"Hi. Do you have the new Magic expansion, 'Future Sight'?"
"We sure do."
"The four Theme Decks?"
"We've got everything."
"Great. What time do you shut?"
"Verrry late."
"OK, I'll see you after I've had dinner."

One sushi feast later, I was at GG, waiting for the next round of Friday Night Magic to begin so the players would take their seats and allow me access to the counter. The stock had swollen noticeably in the months since my previous visit and the far corner now housed a trio of double-sided arcade machines (all beat-'em-ups and all in frenzied use).

I ended up being served by Scott, a big dude in a Green Lantern T-shirt, with long hair and a friendly manner. He picked me as the person who'd rung earlier.

"The Theme Decks are normally $18 each, but if you're buying all four, we can do them for $16."


"The Fat Pack? It's $50."

Covered with fantastic art and chockers with bitz'n'bobz. Sold!

That was plenty (I'm supposed to be saving money), but I greedily enquired about boxes of boosters.

"They're $160..."

Same price as everywhere, eh?

"...and we throw in a Magic T-shirt and a promotional item. At the moment, we've got Serra Angel notepads."

Holy Hand Grenade Of Antioch! I've been collecting M:TG for 14 years and never found a box deal that generous.

I daresay I'll be returning to Good Games next pay day to part with additional bills. I might even swing by on Tuesday or Thursday to play in a draft. To quote the store's web site: "Never. Enough. Games."


At 11:50 PM, Blogger Yossie said...

So what exactly did you buy? All of it?

At 10:57 PM, Blogger Addster said...

The four Theme Decks - I'm sure you know what they are. Plus the Fat Pack, which contains:
* Player's guide (includes a colour pic of every card in the set)
* Two illustrated card boxes with plastic dividers
* Six boosters
* 40 land (eight of each type)
* One 20-sided dice
* One Pro Tour player card (like a sports card), AND
* The "Future Sight" novel.

At 1:13 AM, Blogger Yossie said...

I was hoping you'd sprung for a box of boosters :)


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