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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Two dos

DL, LA and I attended the Sydney "SummerSlam" Viewing Party in the Hotel CBD's sports bar. It was a well-run affair. The WWE pay-per-view was on multiple tellies and the overall card was excellent. The room was decorated with beachy props (eg. lifeguard chair, surfboards). There was a fake WWE Diva handing out goodie bags. You could play an Xbox 360 wrestling game. Or you could do what we did and gorge yourself on the free beer and greasy snacks, crack jokes ("Batistan Standard Time!"), not win the cool prizes being raffled by a Triple M(?) DJ, pose for silly photos and grow increasingly rowdy as the main event – a "Hell In The Cell" match between Edge and The Undertaker – approached.

Outside, we saw LA to a taxi, then skedaddled to the Minx Bar (which neither of us had ever visited) to meet CM and AM for an official "Penthouse" party. We arrived in time for the third, final and, reportedly, best of the special guest Pets: a babe named Suzie Q. She did an amazing routine involving a hoop suspended from the ceiling. Man, could she flip/hang/spin! Sipping more gratis grog as we reclined in leather lounges, we were also treated to thread-shedding by a few of the house strippers. As is always the case with gentlemen's clubs (and BS will be back me up on this), there was an aloof waitress who was hotter than any of the dancers. It was with some regret I upped stumps before midnight.


At 4:00 PM, Blogger Bernard said...

It's true that there's always one waitress who is hotter than the all the dancers.

I live within walking distance of a "gentleman's" club. It's been there since 1960 apparently. I should go down and check out the waitresses.

Also they serve lunch and have wireless internet. I could work from there! :)

At 4:26 PM, Blogger Addster said...

I'm not sure how much work you'd actually get done, mate :-)


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