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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

If you wanna gew, baby, let's gew

An atypical w/e. Saw Yes at the State Theatre, doing their damndest with an old keyboardist and a brand-new singer. Watched Sweden's inaugural UFC extravaganza unfold through the night, winning money on Dennis Siver, who I knew would remain rock-solid after dropping to featherweight. Accidentally stumbled on the Bald Archy portraits and was tickled by the image of Julia Gillard as Joan Of Arc (alas, my stealth snap was too blurry even for Artov Farkhus). Rendezvoused with DJ, a friend since kindergarten, and his good lady K., at a Bears game at North Sydney Oval. The boys in red'n'black compete in the NSW Cup, a de facto reserve grade with some sides that casual NRL viewers wouldn't recognise - and not one but two sets of Magpies. Blew my Siver bucks on a solidarity bet on the home team. Easy come, easy gew.


At 9:59 AM, Blogger Shane Cubis said...

My cousin plays for the Bears! Josh Starling.


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