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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Crazy drivers

A junior-high chum was shifting interstate and the rest of his family were busily packing up their belongings. "C'mon, we have to get rid of these," he said, indicating a bucket of grubby golf balls. We took the bucket, a wood and some tees to a patch of high ground and systematically drove all of the balls off into the distance, towards a row of houses. God help me, it seemed logical at the time.

Next best things

The best thing about my lunch at Ruby & Rach (above Strattons Hotel in the CBD) was trying Canadian comfort food poutine - chips, chicken gravy and cheese curds. Said curds were like biting into a thick, chewy bit on a cheese toastie.

The best thing about watching arthouse fillum "The Great Beauty" at the Chauvel, Paddington was the nonstop gorgeous Roman scenery.

The best thing about "Proof" at the Ensemble Theatre, Kirribilli, besides the moving performances, was the clear parallel between Catherine and historical mathematician Sophie Germain. I don't recall it being as strong when I read David Auburn's text or saw the Hollywood adaptation.

The best thing about the "Still Life" exhibition at the Art Gallery Of NSW was it made me realise such works are the site of much experimentation and not to be taken for granted.

The best thing about the Newcastle Museum, which I visited with AP2, was the free light and sound (and smoke) show about BHP steel production of yesteryear.

The best - indeed, only - thing happening at the Newcastle Art Gallery (also with AP2) was "Whiteley On Water". Love his gear or loathe it, you must admit Brett Whitely had a unique style.

The best thing about "Noises Off" at the Opera House was Act One, before it degenerated into slapstick. "Funniest play ever"? Not without Adrian Edmondson and Rik Mayall, sorry.

The best thing about my dinner at The Cuban Place was dessert: a mocha "dome" with candied peanuts, sweet peanut roll and salted caramel ice-cream. Sugary bliss.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Brill cover version

The Beautiful South make BOC's "Don't Fear The Reaper" their own -

Ta to the semi-stranger on Visagetome who alerted me to its existence.