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Monday, February 23, 2015

"Khans Of Tarkir" intro pack round robin

Thirty little wars later...

1st - Jeskai Monks (URW, prowess) - 4 matches, 8 games
2nd - Temur Avalanche (UGR, ferocious) - 3 matches, 10 games
3rd - Sultai Schemers (BUG, delve) - 2 matches, 5 games
4th - Azban Siege (BGW, outlast) - 1 match, 5 games
5th - Mardu Raiders (BRW, raid) - 0 matches, 2 games

Jeskai the clear winner, then. There was only one instance where it completely failed - when I drew nothing but creatures and their prowess abilities were never activated.

Biggest thrashing: Temur beat Sultai 3-0, with scores of 20 to -1, 21 to -14 and 16 to 0.

The Mardu deck just plain sucked.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Downtime keepers

On Friday, there were five of us subeditors on the bench and, for half of the morning, zero layouts in the trays. That staff-to-work ratio rarely happens, so I made the most of it by combing the archives of coolness compendium Boing Boing. Here are the three items that screamed "Share me!" -

One bloke's fanatical devotion to the boardgame "Dragonstrike"'s instructional videotape

A 1982 gamebook from which only two of the 12 real-world (gemstone) prizes have been found


Far, far and away the best Ewok diorama in the galaxy

Monday, February 09, 2015


These are just some of the first-class postcards I've received over the years from a mate whose identity shall remain Really Secret. Can you detect a theme?