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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Consolation prizes

Exercised my right as a newly unemployed person to sleep 'til almost noon, then to break my fast with microwaved cabbage buns dipped in soy sauce and a longneck of Reschs (it refreshes). Had planned on doing the Archibald/Wynne/Sulman thing. Realised that there was absolutely no rush. Why visit the Art Gallery of NSW during a holiday period when you can wait for a nice, quiet weekday morning? Did housework and watched a couple of movies on Foxtel. Films I will now attempt to summarise in seven words... "The Amazing Spider-Man" (2012): Won me over slowly but completely (amazingly). "Goon" (2011): Hockey fights, LOLs, profundity. 2/3 ain't bad!

TV: Michael Scott's fascinating "Jesus - Rise To Power", in which he explains Christianity's development in the context of Roman history.
iPad: Having caught 100% of the fish and purchased 100% of the items in "Ridiculous Fishing", I've plunged into "Knights Of Pen & Paper".

Friday, March 29, 2013

Nek minnit

The NUTS take on "The Real Inspector Hound" was surprisingly good, considering the ticket was a mere tenner and considering it sounded like they were still busily rehearsing while we 60-odd punters waited to be let into the studio and out of the breeze. I'd go so far as to say it was very good. Won't discuss the plot here - the structure is too "meta", and the real fun is in the interpretation. Which is why it's a play I'll watch whenever I have the chance, and that includes student productions staged on a Good Friday eve when the temperature has decided to drop 10 degrees.

TV: "The Great British Countryside" (2012)


Apologies, Anish Kapoor, I wasn't in the right frame of mind to appreciate your acclaimed sculptures. It was muggy, the city was chaotic, and I'd had to trudge to the MCA with two bags of gear from my office. An office I was no longer to occupy after the sudden cancellation of my magazine (licence not renewed). I'd also spent 6-7 hours writing 100+ custom-tailored emails to everyone associated with the publication. So instead of art, I just saw funhouse mirrors and other optical tricks, a rusty hull and big wasp nests. That giant potter's wheel was cool, though, even if there wasn't a lot of wax left to push aside. See what I mean, Anish Kapoor? That's a terrible description of a seriously impressive installation. Blame the stuff above - and constant pausing to allow giggling adults to camera-snap their reflections.

TV: "Conspiracy Road Trip" (2012)

Thursday, March 28, 2013


At UTS yesternight: the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism panel "How safe are your sources?". It featured two of the five Oz journos facing jail time for not giving up informants in legal challenges related to their yarns, along with a media lawyer and a QC. The gist was that the new "shield laws" are way too open - the text is only two pages long! - but still better than nothing. A radical suggestion from David Bennett QC was that journos and their sources attend closed court sessions to get an advance ruling on the level of protection they can expect. Walkley-winning journalist Nick McKenzie (I think it was) deemed such a proposal unworkable, pointing out that a whistleblower who won't even speak over the phone isn't going to do so in a courthouse, closed or otherwise. The alternative appears to be expanding the shield laws with endless qualifications.

Fat gut: Maria Sharapova's Sugarpova range of lollies from David Jones. "Quirky" for me and "Splashy" for the nieces :-)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Two steps back, two steps forward

Socceroos vs. Oman World Cup qualifier at ANZ Stadium with Messrs CM and AM. Excited. On the way there, Harry's Cafe De Wheels hotdogs with the works. Glutted. Omanis lead 1-0 at half-time. Shocked. Then we concede an own goal early in the second. Dejected. But our boys rally and Tim Cahill heads one home. Inspired. And Brett Holman nets another at the 85-minute mark to snatch a draw. Relieved.

TV: "James May At The Edge Of Space" (2009)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

East Egg MC

Despite the title, I was gonna give the State Library's "The Greatest Wonder Of The World" photographic exhibition a miss, but then a segment on "Landline" convinced me of its import. The reporter compared the views of 1800s NSW and Victoria to the most revealing Civil War shots, and praised the remarkable quality and depth of the thousands of images captured by Merlin and Bayliss at the behest of gold baron Bernhardt Holtermann, who dreamt of touring the pics across Europe. I couldn't single out a fave photo, but my fave caption related to a Melbourne street scene. The write-up focused on one of the city's then-popular coffee stands, where a cuppa, saveloy, boiled potato and buttered bread roll could be had for a sixpence - a steal of a deal that allegedly made these places a meeting point for crims and resulted in some mayor or other forcing them to close earlier.

CD: Eagerly awaiting the MS MR album (May 14).

Monday, March 25, 2013


Saw the Sydney Symphony perform Chen Qigang's "Enchantements Oublies" and Carl Orff's divine "Carmina Burana" at the Opera House, conducted by Long Yu. The former work was unusual and complex and, alas, only mildly satisfying. It never really stirred my emotions. "Carmina Burana" was a grander production - additional instruments, the Sydney Philharmonia Choirs and Sydney Children's Choir, a baritone, a tenor and a soprano (I was especially impressed with the solos of Milica Ilic). It did not disappoint. The best way I can describe the experience is to say it spoke directly to my soul. You haven't heard "O Fortuna" until you've heard it belted out live by an orchestra and 200 voices.

TV: "Soccer AM"
iPad: "Ridiculous Fishing"

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rilly silly

Last Sat. was: boardgames with Nuke Uni/NUGS pals SL, PH and DW (not the Wyong one), none of whom I'd seen for 15+ years. We played "7 Wonders" and "Dominion", and I over-indulged in vins rouges.

Last Sun. was: UFC 158 and a hangover.

TV: The controversial "A History Of Syria With Dan Snow".
CD: Am alternating between "The Next Day" (2013) by David Bowie and prog masterpiece "In The Land Of Grey And Pink" (1971) by Caravan.
iPad: Dorling Kindersley's quiz app is meh.
Fat gut: Mango Mousse Pocky sticks and Big M Kakao Choc Hazelnut flavoured milk (not simultaneously).

Was the destruction of the Death Star an inside job? (ta, PG) -

Friday, March 15, 2013

God Emperor Of Hyperbole

Hectic week. Considered joining DL at an outlying RSL tonight for a pro wrestling show. Eventually rejected the idea due to the high cab fares it woulda necessitated. Instead, phoned PG for a lengthy chat, which was as beaut or beauter.

TV: Nat Geo's new biggie, "Killing Lincoln", and as much NRL as I can get my eyeballs on.
CD: "Until In Excess, Imperceptible UFO" (2013) by The Besnard Lakes
iPad: "Temple Run 2", "Temple Run: Oz"
Gourmet gut: My latest peccadillo is trying every bocadillo from Encasa Deli in Bathurst St.

Lancelot links

* The girl who could fly -
* If "Game Of Thrones" had been made in the '90s (ta, SC) -
* Terry Pratchett + Steeleye Span = hell yeah! -
* Princess Suzanne? -
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Saturday, March 09, 2013

For anyone planning a trip Down Under...

This may be a handy resource -

CD: "The Catalyst" by Nigel Fairs (2008), a DW Companion Chronicle starring Leela.

Radioactive mustard

Brief update, 'cos I should be working. Last w/e and media that followed:

Watching an MMA PPV with the family and friends of one of the competitors is nerve-racking - but so thrilling when he wins. The type of boutique hotels described by Wm Gibson - hidden in plain view, bizarre floorplan/furnishings, avant-garde uniforms - do indeed exist. There are mustards in this world powerful enough to stain through a person's overshirt and T-shirt to the skin beneath, that you will still smell when you shower hours later. Toured UFC Gym Sydney and the facilities are amazing.

TV: Can't understand why "Parade's End" isn't rating well. Rebecca Hall, Benedict Cumberbatch, Adelaide Clemens, Miranda Richardson, et al. I'm hooked.
CD: "The Midsummer Station" (2012) by Owl City
iPad: Cracked level 100 on "Dungelot" and have almost maxed out all of the characters. Contemplating reconquering "Spellwood" on Word Wizard difficulty. And keen for this (ta, JR) -

Garfunkel And Oates' Kate Micucci was a micutie on "Big Bang Theory", hey?

Friday, March 01, 2013


"The Imposter" @ Dendy Newtown. Deserves the plaudits. Viddy the trailer - - and tell me you aren't as curious as a doomed cat. It's a documentary that keeps ya guessing until the credits roll.

Fat gut: Official KISS ice blocks from the servo.

The thief-acrobat -

Poetic licence and registration, please

FUEL TV 2013 Preview Party with MR @ The Bucket List, Bondi - Refreshments, sporting celebs, killer fish'n'chips, live musos, slick/amusing vids, networking, giant turtle, chalk dust, showbag envy, drinking the decorations when the bar tab ran dry. Literally. The decorations.

"Fortunes Within: Korean Folk Paintings" @ Korean Cultural Office - Pleasant enough way to spend half a lunchbreak in the city.

Whovention Gold with AP2 @ Bankstown Sports Club/Travelodge motel - From Friday evening until Sunday arvo, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of "Doctor Who" in traditional con fashion. Sydney was hit with a nasty storm during this period, but we barely noticed, only venturing beyond the enormous venue for a couple of quick trips to the supermarket. Anyhoo, from our perspective, it went a lil' somethin' like this... Stella Artois and the second Dalek movie. Louise Jameson's one-gal show, "From Women's Eyes", detailing her acting career and containing impressive slabs of The Bard. Coffee cream cake and peppermint tea. Retiring to our rooms. (I fell asleep to the Charity Shield replay.) Merch and signed pics. An interactive podcast. Cosplay, with "Idris" a rightful winner. Carlton Draught and a spicy chook burger. LJ interview #1. Camille Coduri interview #1. Switching to Campari and soda, which AP2 disliked. Panel with Dan Hall, who masterminds the Beeb's "Who" DVD range, and Austen Atkinson, whose Central Coast team animates the missing bits. Seeing world-first "Tenth Planet" animation. "Dinner with the guests." Quality buffet and red wine. The lovely Dudley Simpson, very spry for 90, patting us on the back on his way out. Chuckling through comedian Rob Lloyd's "Who, Me" - particularly the part about him stealing hard-to-find stories from video shops around Melbourne prior to the DVD era. "The Five Doctors". (I fell asleep to the Waratahs/Reds replay.) DH and AA again, and this time seeing exclusive "Reign Of Terror" footage. CC interview #2. Indian veg curry and OJ sans vodka. "The Curse Of Fatal Death". LJ interview #2. Skipping the charity auction and an excerpt from so AP2 could make it back to Newcastle before dark, and because I had six hours of UFC 157 to watch.

The veeps shared oodles of anecdotes worth recounting, but my favourite was from Louise. She revealed that when you used to SMS a landline in the UK, the message would be in Tom Baker's voice - and that Richard Dawkins took delight in messaging his wife (and Tom's estranged ex) Lalla Ward in this manner.

CDs: "The 2nd Law" by Muse amd "The World Warriors" by Velociraptor, both 2012.
iPad: My paladin has barely scratched the mossy stone walls of "Dungelot" (ta, RS).

Digging the "Beavis And Butt-Head"-style Diaz brothers toons at (no offence to Nick and Nate, whose skills I admire).